Industry Steering Group

To ensure clear accountability and reporting back to the region’s dairy industry, the Murray Dairy Board is answerable to the Industry Steering Group (ISG).        

The ISG is made up of a number of representatives, these include farmers, processors and manufacturers and a range of service providers.        

The role of the ISG is to:        

  • Select and appoint Murray Dairy Board directors;
  • Monitor the performance of the Murray Dairy Board;
  • Identify and prioritise issues impacting on the dairy industry; and
  • Approve the Murray Dairy Annual Operating Plan.

The Chairman of the ISG (Greg Ault) also sits on the Murray Dairy Board.

The ISG includes representatives from the following groups:

State Dairy Farmer Organisations

  • UDV District Council No. 1;
  • UDV District Council No. 2;
  • UDV District Council No. 3;
  • UDV District Council No. 4; and
  • NSW Farmers' Association - Dairy Committee.


  • Dairy Farmers Group;
  • Fonterra / Bonlac Supply Company;
  • Murray Goulburn;
  • National Foods;
  • Pauls Parmalat; and
  • Tatura Milk Industries.

Service Providers

  • DEPI Victoria;
  • DPI NSW;
  • Goulburn Murray Water;
  • Murray Irrigation; and
  • National Centre for Dairy Education Australia.