Cluster Farms Project Equitable Framework

The process of bringing a Cluster Farm arrangement together takes time and a willingness of all parties involved to make the Cluster Farm work.

In part this is due to the complexity of a cluster arrangement and in part it is due to the lack of information available on the formation of cluster farms.   

Determining a suitable method of allocating the returns from a cluster farm arrangement is one step of the process in getting a successful cluster farm off the ground.

The download in this section takes the reader through a process used by Andrew and Betty Farmer and Colin and Dianne Cluster in determining an equitable framework for the allocation of funds generated by their cluster farm.

The Cluster Farms Project Equitable Framework provides an indication into the operating environment, business models and finance options for setting up a cluster arrangement.

The Cluster Farms Project Equitable Framework is a reference tool to assist in the decision making process.

Specialist advice from lawyers, accountants and other advisors as appropriate should be sought before acting on any of the information or recommendations contained in these documents.

The information in the Cluster Farms Project Equitable Framework is published with due care and attention to accuracy, but Murray Dairy accepts no liability if, for any reason, the information is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.