Murray Dairy, local service delivery for Dairy Australia

Australian dairy is a $13 billion farm, manufacturing and export industry, with the Murray Dairy region contributing approximately $4.3 billion. The industry directly employs some 43,000 people in dairy farm and factory jobs and more 10,000 of these jobs are within the Murray Dairy region.

Spanning across Northern Victoria and Southern New South Wales, the region boasts a number of competitive advantages including land affordability, flexible water ownership and use options and a strong existing service provider sector, making it attractive for investment.

 Murray Dairy is a not-for-profit regional development program, the Murray Dairy board is a skills based board made up of a majority of dairy farmers from within the region. Delivering over $2 million annually of projects that focus on improved profitability and sustainability of dairy farms, Murray Dairy is funded by Dairy Australia and the dairy service levy.

Murray Dairy works in partnership with industry partners to leverage additional funding for programs which address the needs of the region’s dairy farmers. Its vision is for profitable and efficient dairy businesses which are valued and have the capacity to succeed.

 A record investment in irrigation infrastructure upgrades provides for reliability of access to water, boosting the region’s capacity for profitable milk production.

 The diverse geographical landscape encompasses the vast irrigation area, the Murray River, Goulburn River, high rain fall areas to the east such as Khancoban and the Mallee landscape to the west.


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