Murray Dairy is the local service delivery for Dairy Australia, supporting dairy farmers in northern Victoria and southern New South Wales.

Tactics for Tight Times

The Murray Dairy Board and staff are very aware of the significant challenges facing dairy farmers across the region at this current time. The recent milk price announcements on top of a dry season has only exacerbated the situation for many. In response to the situation and building on from previous seasonal conditions programs, Murray Dairy is implementing the "Tactics for Tight Times" Program. Details of this are outlined for farmers below: 

Program includes:

• Taking Stock:  1-on-1 business assessment and support service - Designed to help you take stock of your situation by providing free one-on-one business support, to assist dairy farm families to collect and analyse current financial and physical data with the aim of clarifying their future farm business options. This is available to all levy paying farmers, regardless of who they supply.  Click here for details.

Workshops, Discussion Group Activities and On-farm Days - focused on business analysis and scenario planning, feed and water budgeting, climatic outlook and cropping/forage strategies relevant to farmers making key decisions on farm. Click here for details

Social and Community Support Programs – including expanding the “Look Over the Farm Gate” program. Click here for details

This service is coordinated via Murray Dairy in collaboration with other service providers.

The delivery of Taking Stock is proudly supported by the Gardiner Foundation, the Australian Government and the major milk processors.




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